MS1000 32 bit Microcontroller with Embedded Security Engine for IoT


The MS1000 is an ARM® Cortex-M3 based microcontroller with security engine for embedded
applications featuring a high level of integration and low-power consumption.
The MS1000 operates at CPU frequencies up to 100 MHz.
The ARM Cortex-M3 CPU includes a built-in Wakeup Interrupt Controller (WIC) and Nested
Vectored Interrupt Controller (NVIC) with an integrated System Tick (SysTIck).
The MS1000 features a security engine called tRoot Suite. The tRoot Suite consists of tRoot, SPAcc, and TRNG. It protects the device and its data at boot time, run time and during the communication with other devices or with the cloud. The peripheral complement of the MS1000 includes up to 192 KB of internal SRAM, 8 KB One-Time Programmable (OTP) memory for bootloader, key storage, External Memory Interface, 4 SPI interface controllers, 2 DMA controllers,
2 Advanced Timers supporting PWM, 2 General Purpose Timer, a Real-Time Clock (RTC)
domain consisting of the RTC and a back-up SRAM, Windowed Watchdog Timer, SDMMC interface,
4 UARTs, 4 I2C, and up to 80 fast general purpose I/O pins.
With its low-power, high performance, diverse connectivity options, and security features,
the MS1000 is ideal for IoT applications such as Smart home applications, Smart metering,
Tele-monitoring, and Remote Healthcare.